Welcome to XQTD short version website.
XQTD is a multi disciplinary firm specialized in a variety of design sectors which include custom building design, prefabricated building design, furniture design, product design and garment design.
We are active in three continents with contacts in US, Europe and Asia.
XQTD stands for Extreme Quest for Technology and Design....executed; our problem solving approach always includes a conscious and organic research leading to the simplest solution in pioneering design while making use of proven technologies. Every project sets apart from the rest for integrity and conceptualization, and promotes sophisticated ideas broken down by a simple and logical approach; and enjoyable and poetic problem solving process streamlined into shapes and forms born out of pure rational thinking.
XQTD inventiveness is driven by a tormenting desire to improve anything in the built environment with realistic parameters and concrete execution.  


XQTD has been strongly involved in the design of residential project making use of steel construction turning it in  one of our expertise areas.
The building methodology often adopted relies to the use of red iron or light gauge construction, or a hybrid of both, combined with panelized system on the exterior to provide superior thermal resistance, thermal bridging avoidance, sound control, and prevention to mold and rot.
XQTD further explored limitless possibilities in rain screen systems and innovative hybrid approaches to guarantee the highest performance the building skin can offer without compromising the looks and design intent.
The integration of passive solar systems is a must at XQTD where natural forces must intervene in the shaping of a building to assure the best performance at lowest energy costs in all seasons.
XQTD also has access to design partners for interior finishes and decoration in any style. The design team is built organically around client needs on a case to case basis, making sure that the players are the perfect fit for a budget sensitive, timely delivery of project scope.
XQTD can design your building from a structural steel detail to a custom textile you place on a pillow; all within an integrated team synergy.


XQTD expertise in the commercial sector includes Mixed use, office, Retail, Restaurants, medical buildings, libraries, high rises, tensile structures for non permanent venues, open amphitheater roofs structures, and commercial interiors.

XQTD has strong awareness in positive branding conceptualization. XQTD design skills won competitions against top leading firms for the interior concept for Sugar Factory, ABC Store, and Ezee bikes.

XQTD cumulatively has designed more than 20M s.f of commercial space and master planned 20,000AC of commercial land.


XQTD has extensive experience in hotel designs, whether they are for small boutique hotels owners or larger worldwide brands; in addition cooperate and partners with one of the most experienced hotel planners in the US.

W hotel in Huntington Beach and W hotel in Pasadena are two of the most prominent and noticeable project designs in the hospitality category. 

The Starwood Group put the W Huntington Beach on the boards one of the top designers referrals for future projects.


XQTD expertise in master plan was developed over the years with projects ranging from small resort communities to city planning.

One of the most prominent involvement is the planning for Kenya Vision 2030. XQTD was directly connected with top politcians, including the President, in the proposal for a sustainable vision for the city of Limuru.  

XQTD is also directly contracted for the past 10 years, in one of the largest developments in Florida: 5,000+ Acres of development, 2000+ Acres of Reserve park, Master plan Design including 2,800 doors/residences with diverse target density, Mixed Use, and 600,000SF of Commercial space, 3,000 acres of trails connecting to artificial lakes and Community centers. The budget is 480M USD.


Housing affordability without compromising quality and design is one of the goals at XQTD. 

The development of carefully designed units where material efficiency maximization without space planning compromises is the paramount goal.

Prefabricated, pre-engineered units in the range  800-1000sf, 1200-1600sf, 2,000+ and 3,000+sf are free from tract home aesthetic ties and provide flexibility in interior space plan, exterior color, finish, window configuration and roof outline, to virtually satisfy a wide array of requests.

The use of steel prefabrication combined with insulated panelized system and rain screen accents allow a cost effective and quick assembly.

Contact us for a catalogue and pricing of different units.

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